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About Amyla Havanese

We fell in love with the havanese when we were dog sitting a havanese puppy names Halle. This incredible bundle of joy charmed us immediately. Those beautiful dark eyes were so engaging. Shewas as cuddly as she was active,   everything you could want in a dog in a compact lovely package. 

Our goal as a breeder is to maintain  and protect every aspect of this breed.  This involves choosing our dogs for temperament, health and confirmation.

Amyla stands for Archambault Myriam and Laura Anne we are a mother/ daughter team with a strong family values. We  extend these values to our pups and their adopting families. 

We believe that the role of a breeder is important throughout the live for the puppy and it does not end when the puppy leave to their new home.

  On the contrary when you adopt an Amyla havanese, you join our Amyla family, with all the support and love that comes with it.   

Our Mission Ethical Breeding of Quality Havanese

Our Team

Our Team

In the same way that we need a village to raise a child,

you need a village to raise  great havanese.

Havanese Puppies For Adoption
Myriam Archambault

Owner and Breeder

IMG_2082 (2).jpg
Laura Anne Archambault

Junior Handler

purely free stack with Karyna.jpg

Professional Handler

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