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  That's Amyla's On My Own 
"Eponine or Ponie"  

Ponie is the sweetest girl, she loves to cuddle. She will sit on anyones lap within minutes of meeting them.

An interesting story is how this charming girl got her name.  It comes from the title of one one my favorite songs "On my Own" sang by the character of Eponine in the musical Les Miserable. She sometime seems a little shy and reserved but inside she have a huge personality that can really shine. Although I love the song and the character of Eponine the name is long, hard to pronounce and impractical when calling or training a dog.  She is the biggest female of our program and a great jumper,  so I started calling her my little pony... and slowly Eponine became Ponie for short.

Dam: That's  Not Purely Coincidence at Amyla

Sire : Mylad Marcel's Star Gazer at Domlina

Born: October 4th 2023 


In the confirmation ring

Ponie surprised us in the ring.  I thought she was going to be shy in the ring but as soon as she walked in the ring she was spectacular. She had the attitude of a champion and she capture judges attention, completing her Canadian championship in 2 weekends at the age of 6 months and winning multiple group placements.  

Health testing

OFA testing include Eyes, Ears, Heart. 

CHIC# to young to be completed 

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