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 Amyla's Golden Ticket "Ticket" 

We carefully selected our Girls from very good bloodline

Ticket is our first Canadian grand champion born at our  Kennel, she is a Stella x Wilson puppy from the Charlie and the chocolate factory

She loved to show, she had so much focus in the ring, loving the judges attention. 

As a puppy she was a bit of the bully with her litter mates, pushing them aside to eat first.  hse ate so much I was afraid she would be too lazy to walk. But she develope so nicely and hse became a very active  playfuf girl.  



In the confirmation ring

Ticket completed her Canadian Grand championship winning Spelect female at the Candaidan National speciality in 2022. 

She also got multiple Group placements 

Select at the Nationale Havanes specialty

Health testing

OFA testing is on going include Eyes, Ears,  Patellas 


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