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 Amyla's Golden Ticket "Ticket" 

We carefully selected our Girls from very good bloodline

Ticket is our first  Canadian grand champion born frimn our Kennel, shei si a Stella x Wilson puppy

She loves to show 

she is 

This cute little girl arrive with a huge personality. She always looked for our attention, she had that little star quality. 

Named by my daughter after she is sofisticated  confident,  playful, and super active. This little supergirl  loves to out run any dog big or small 

Part Kangaroo, she is quick to jump on anything.  Her favorite spot is the top of the couch were she can observe the action and decide when to join in

In the confirmation ring

Ticket completed her Canadian Grand championship. 

Group placements 

Select at the Nationale Havanes specialty

Health testing

OFA testing is on going include Eyes, Ears, elbows, Patellas Hips


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