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Older puppies

Amyla's Youi the Magic Door Hunter

Youi  is a very sweet boy. This playful  is the perfect combination of calm and energy. He is very playfulwith everyone, he loves people of all ages and is comfortable with all types of dogs and cats. He was originally keep to be part of our breeding program but at 7 months  we decided he would be best with his own family.  

He was born black and white but he is slowly change to  sable 

Born:  feb 3rd 2022

DAM:   Amyla's Miss Luxurious Valentina

Sire: Domlina's King of Spades

Vaccinations are up to date and he has been sterilized


Amyla's Traded for Five Magic Beans

Jack   is a very sweet quiet boy.  He is a  shy guy and it takes him time to get use to people but once he is comfortable he's the cuddliest dog. He does not like big groups so a quiet family is ideal for him.

He finished his CKS championship in just a few weekends

Born:  November 18th 2021

DAM:  Havadalh Stella 

Sire:    Mylad Marcel's  Star Gazer at Domlina

Vaccinations are up to date 

If you think one of these puppies can fit in your family please contact us for more information
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